Counseling / Therapy in Cloquet, Minnesota

Silver Birch Therapy is your co-pilot, right beside you when you are feeling stuck, unsure, hopeless and lost. It can feel impossible, and in all realness, scary and terrifying to come lay out all that’s been weighing on you. We get it. It sucks.

Silver Birch Therapy is going to be there with you in the muck and in the stuck. We can help you find your old self, find a new self, feel whole again, find clarity, find healing, find your car keys… joking, but we can help you create organization in your life and de-stress, how about that?! Overall, we come from a fundamental basis of “yes we are therapists” that offer expertise and guidance, while at the same time, we are also human first – offering realness and connection. 

Have that “Yep. I’m in.” feeling yet? 

If you are ready to do the work, the deep work, to show up motivated and driven, for Silver Birch Therapy to be your co-pilot – then we are 200% ready with you.

We offer multiple therapeutic services for ages 18+ which you can read more about on our services pages. Please learn more about Amy and Nicolette to determine which therapist you would like to schedule a consultation with. We also offer 24/7 online scheduling as well as teletherapy. All services are for Minnesota residents only.


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