Anxiety treatment in Cloquet – the raging bonfire in your brain and body.

A raging bonfire in your brain and body. You find that you feel tense, nervous, panicked and stuck in all of the what if thoughts that are happening and screaming through your mind and body almost daily: “What if I screw up at work? What if I totally drop the ball on that? Oh my gosh, what did I just say and what did they think of what I said? What if my family gets into an accident or something awful happens to one of them today? This is going to go horribly wrong! Everyone is going to think that I am batsh*** crazy. What if I can’t trust them? I bet this whole relationship is going to go up in smoke, I just know it. There are 517 things on my to-do list and my chest is already exploding because I am never going to get these done. I’m going to fail. I’m going to let people down. And then maybe…I’m going to be so alone.” Ummmm yuck…and where did this out of control bonfire in my brain and body come from?!

Getting help with Anxiety Therapy in Cloquet

The thing is, this bonfire of anxiety thoughts only gets bigger, brighter and more steamy the more we keep adding to it right? Then it sort of feels unmanageable and we need to get the fire truck…maybe like seven fire trucks…to come try and put this thing out. Well, WE want to be the fire truck and you are going to be driving that beast to help tame that s*** and even put out some of those flames. Therapy with Silver Birch Therapy is going to help you find how to change and mold those negative thoughts (just like that playdough we all ate in kindergarten) and to also REPLACE so many of them with some ACTUAL and POSITIVE truths about your everyday life that will help bring that bonfire of anxiety to a relaxed smolder. Finding different thoughts, believing differently about yourself, about situations around you and seeing the positives are going to help you feel that things can be OK…and sometimes, things can be better than ok. And for the times when it feels like “Nope, this actually really really sucks and is terrifying” you are going to find strength in those newly molded thoughts, back up in your understanding of how anxiety works and some wicked coping skills in those times when you need it the most. We can help you get to this place of feeling more at peace, grounded and confident with this raging bonfire in your brain and body.

Amy Vredenburgh, MA, LMFT
Nicolette Ulstrom, MA, LMFT

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