Chemical Dependency

Chemical Dependency therapy in Cloquet – the guest that overstayed their welcome.

Feel like you may never get out of this situation? The situation of this guest that you invited into your life however long ago that has OVERSTAYED their welcome and all you want to be like is “Byyyyyyyyyeee,” and this guest that has overstayed their welcome is the dependency. It’s the addiction. You’re feeling and thinking that it’s INSANELY hard to end this relationship, you feel powerless, you feel completely controlled and stuck in this relationship with the addiction, with this guest that has overstayed their welcome and the fear of everything changing makes you want to just say forget it and maybe they can just keep staying. Maybe they were awesome in the beginning right? They helped you feel less lonely, they helped you deal with the sh**show of life swirling around you, they helped you tackle your whole plate of to-do’s in life, they helped you calm the “F” down when things felt completely unmanageable, they helped you deal with the relationships and people around you…they helped you deal with YOU.

Getting help with chemical dependency in Cloquet

You’re feeling like it’s time though. It’s time to deal, to heal and to work through all the things, the small things, the big things…all the things without them. Without the substance (chemical?). Without the addiction. You GET to ask this guest, the addiction, to leave. You GET to ask them to find another vacation spot. You get to thank them and send them on their merry way. What’s left is space. Space for you to find YOU. To feel acceptance, ease, peace and a new way of being and living in your life. You in all your being, with every cell deserve for you to be the one running your life. You deserve a different way of being and you will get to a place of accepting the change to come – the terrifying but completely healing and fulfilling change.

Individual therapy for chemical dependency with us will look like acceptance, freedom and ease. Imagine waking up and feeling OK, you feel more YOU without that guest and with a heck of a lot more ease throughout your day, throughout your relationships, throughout your choices and throughout your whole being. You wake up doing things the way you genuinely want to do them and without the feeling like you have to have them around. We understand that this is a process and the biggest things we can offer you are these: patience and the belief that you ACTUALLY deserve a better life. Oh, and we can help you give that unwelcome guest the heads up that their vacation is 100% over. “Byyyyyyyyyeee!”

Nicolette Ulstrom, MA, LMFT

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