Couples Therapy in Cloquet – “F” the sink hole.

You may have found out your marriage or relationship has felt like a lie and that the past however many years, feels like a waste. You have never felt so stuck, disconnected and lost in your relationship. The fear of being alone or trying to work on things and failing seems completely hopeless . But you are sick of feeling alone, sick of the arguments and overall sick of being knee deep, or maybe just full on neck deep, in the most frustrating, sticky and yucky sink hole you could imagine…and your mud boots are literally suctioned cupped all up in it and it doesn’t feel like they are coming out anytime soon. Ugh – perfect.

Getting Help With Couples Therapy in Cloquet

Couples therapy with Silver Birch Therapy can help you get out of this sinkhole of what feels like the ripest doom to your relationship. “F” this sinkhole. Picture this, you and your partner start finding out how to actually talk through some of the worst arguments and conversations, finding out how to actually BE around each other, actually ENJOYING it and maybe actually laugh, love, trust and appreciate each other again…all that fun fuzzy stuff right? Maybe throw a handful of forgiveness and a sprinkle of more intimacy, if you need more of that, into the mix as well.

You can have this in your relationship. You deserve this in your relationship. You are absolutely capable of this in your relationship. You get to find the clarity and the healing you need. You and those boots GET to come out of that sink hole!

In couples therapy, you will be heard, seen and recognized. You can also expect to be challenged on your sh**, held accountable and encouraged to explore some of deeper aspects of you as an individual, not just as a couple. Because looking at and building on a better relationship with yourself is also an important part of building on a better relationship with your partner.

Amy Vredenburgh, MA, LMFT
Nicolette Ulstrom, MA, LMFT

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