Treatment for Depression in Cloquet – the swamp-pond of quicksand.

You know those commercials of that super smiley fun looking person that’s running in the sand on the beach so effortlessly, twirling around in the sunlight? This is NOT how depression feels. You find that maybe waking up every day, putting a smile on your face, talking to people, thinking about even brushing your teeth and getting ready or presentable for the day…which REALLY feels like trying to walk through a mucky swamp pond filled with 17 feet of quicksand. Yeah…so maybe you just won’t try because that sounds exhausting right? Maybe you just really can’t and it feels impossible. Maybe you have been doing this walking through the swamp-pond-quicksand feeling bulls**** for way too long. You feel like you are incapable, like something is wrong with you, like you don’t care about anything that you may have used to care about, you don’t believe in yourself, you don’t feel wanted, enough or that anything will change in your life. Maybe you are thinking: “How can it change? How is this ever going to get better? Nobody cares and I sure don’t.” It feels too exhausting, too heavy and too impossible.

It is 100% natural, normal and ok to feel that way. It gets to be a part of you that wants help and needs relief. That relief is possible and that relief can come. Just imagine waking up one day and feeling if 20% lighter…maybe you are starting to actually see that you are successful, maybe you are seeing that you are enough and the people around you have always seen it, maybe you start noticing that you are working out again or that you are full on deep belly laughing at a joke someone said, maybe you actually feel a little pep in your step when the sun is out and you are just jamming to one of your favorite tunes and maybe….just maybe you start to feel some hope, and you start to feel like you got this, that there is a fire under your a** and you are starting to see that you felt those feelings for a reason and that reason has gone through some serious revamping, healing and simply being HEARD.

Getting help with Treatment for Depression in Cloquet

First and foremost, we are going to get you some “floaties” for the swamp-pond situation known as your depression. These floaties are going to consist of some healing about some of the toughest beliefs and experiences that you have endured. We are going to help you truly see that those negative beliefs you hold are actually the opposite. We are going to help you see that you actually are enough, you are successful, you are capable, you don’t have to be perfect, you really did experience that pain, you really are holding on to something that isn’t yours, etc. We are going to help shed the light on the fact that maybe you are someone to be wanted, accepted and truly seen. And then SHAZAM! Pretty soon, those floaties have turned into a bada** jet ski and you are flying around the whole dang pond and just loving it…and maybe you’re that person on the beach in that commercial, running and twirling in the sun. You’re right, the jet ski sounds way cooler.

Nicolette Ulstrom, MA, LMFT

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