EMDR/Trauma Treatment in Cloquet…let’s melt all the bulls***

We know you went through some hard s***, and we know there’s a bag of crap that comes with it. You might be having nightmares, replaying images of what had happened, feeling tense and on edge, feeling like you will never be the same, wishing you could go back to how things used to be, feeling like you are suffering and broken, feeling alone and miserable and thinking “why in the ‘F’ did any of this crap even have to happen?” Why did any of what you went through have to happen and change your life like this? It feels miserable and can feel permanent – but we can help you with EMDR.

Getting Help with EMDR Therapy in Cloquet

All of the hard and painful things you have experienced or are going through now – it can melt. It can absolutely melt the nightmares, the suffering, the loneliness and the tenseness and fear you feel every day. What is left after this melting of all this bulls****, is feeling more YOU. More whole. More relaxed. More present. More understood. And a whole heck of a lot more connected.

Imagine all of that being a part of your life moving forward. Imagine waking up in the mornings and NOT feeling like there’s a 123,470 lb ice chunk on your chest and on your whole life. You deserve for that ice chunk to melt. Your feelings about this ice chunk matter. You deserve to heal and you are capable.

What is EMDR?

Ok so how are we going to do this exactly and what is EMDR? (try not to yawn here). EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing…but in a few bullet points this is basically what it is:

  • It is safe, effective and creates deep healing.
  • You will be holding on to two little tappers (plastic thingies) that vibrate back and forth in your hands. This stimulates your left and right brain, which mimics REM sleep when your eyes are moving back and forth.
  • Re-thinking through some hard moments in your life while holding the tappers, creates so much of the melting that I mentioned earlier, a.k.a healing.
  • The number of sessions vary person to person and hard moments to hard moments.

Quick side note – it’s 100% natural and ok to feel fearful or nervous coming in to address ANY and ALL of what’s in that ice chunk and to be open to EMDR. You can expect to do extremely tough and rewarding work. You are going to be encouraged to go to the tough emotions and thoughts. You are going to be challenged to heal some of the negative and critical self talk and beliefs that come with what you have endured.

You are going to find acceptance, forgiveness and compassion for yourself, others and whatever else may have been involved. Sounds like a lot right? And how the “F” are we even going to get there? You will get there and we will be right there with you, one session at a time.

EMDR sessions can be covered by insurance, depending on your carrier, for 1 hour time periods at a time.

We also offer 4 hour extended sessions or an 8 hour intensive sessions which would be priced as follows: 4 hours = $500.00 and 8 hours = $1000.00. The extended and intensive sessions have the pros of less drive time overall back and forth to sessions and time off from life/work as well as feeling more relief and healing sooner!

Amy Vredenburgh, MA, LMFT

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