Family Therapy in Cloquet – the 10,000 piece puzzle.

Maybe you dread the holidays, maybe you struggle with the extra in-laws that make up your family, maybe there’s that one…or five…family members that you just struggle to be around and that influence you to feel stuck in anger, resentment and frustration. Feelings that maybe you want to avoid at all costs. Maybe your family is feeling super disconnected or you wish that things would just feel better, or how they used to be…or better than they used to be. Maybe your family is about to go through or just went through a huge change and you just don’t know what to do or you feel like you are doing all the wrong things. Maybe this all sounds like way too much to figure out, what to do and where to start…like a 10,000 piece puzzle that you started and you’re looking at the pieces like HOW am I going to make this all work and fit. Not to mention, thats a lot of work!

And you want this puzzle to click, to come together and to see the final picture right? You want the pieces to make sense, you want to figure your role in this puzzle. You want the relationships to feel better, you want to see the best happen for your family, you want it to feel easier, more loving and more connected. You might just want to feel accepting of what IS with whatever is going on. You want to feel more OK and confident with what’s going on around you in your family. You get to feel that, you get to work on that and you get to create that change.

Getting help with Family Therapy in Cloquet

We can help you find the right puzzle pieces and what goes where and chip a way at this consuming and what seems to be a never ending puzzle! That means we can help you find the words, we can help you find your power and also how to let go of what you can not control. We can help you feel the whole “water off a duck’s back” feeling and to also feel confident in knowing you are doing what you can. You are doing the best you can and you are doing the best you can with the insights, the communication skills and the creative solutions that you can get in therapy. It is absolutely possible to find healing, forgiveness and that feeling of letting go – that knowing-ness of “it is what it is”…when it truly “is what it is.” That feeling of heaviness that you carry around can feel so much lighter and we want to be there to help you and your family.

Amy Vredenburgh, MA, LMFT
Nicolette Ulstrom, MA, LMFT

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