What to Expect

I’m ready! Now what?

Yes! We are excited to meet you. Feel free to schedule a free 10 minute phone consultation by clicking the link the the RIGHT or you can email or contact us at amyv@sbirch.org or call 612-812-8470.

What do I do after I have scheduled a session?

  1. A phone consultation – please keep an eye in your email for a short questionnaire to get us started and confirmation that we are booked to chat!
  2. Your first session! – You will look for an email to your new portal and where the intake documents will be ready and waiting for you (no need to print anything)!

What is this magical portal we speak of?

In your portal you can have access 24/7 to see your intake forms, your invoices and statements, you can make payments, upload documents, find any assigned homework from your therapist, cancel, reschedule and create new appointments, the list goes on. It really is magical, and makes everything super easy.

What do I have to do before we meet?

  1. We will have you call our third party biller, she is fabulous and will verify your benefits so we know EXACTLY what things look like before your first session! We will give you her number once you are scheduled.
  2. Complete all the intake as THOROUGHLY as possible before your first session. It helps the first session get right to the main reasons why you are coming in, instead of all that mumbo-jumbo-paperwork stuff!
  3. During your first session you will feel heard, acknowledged and understood around your main concerns for therapy as well as the direction you want to go and what you want to feel! Goals and directions for your therapy process will be discussed and agreed upon by both you and your therapist. We will also briefly go through any unanswered questions, important aspects of the policies and any questions you have.
  4. Your first session will be roughly 60 minutes long. Moving forward sessions will typically be anywhere between 45 and 55 minutes depending how the session is feeling and what is being discussed.

That’s about it as far as getting started! Any questions you have are 100% welcome to be asked and discussed! We want you to feel comfortable because these are YOUR sessions and this is YOUR journey. We want to make sure you feel as comfortable and safe as possible.

Have more questions? See our FAQs!

Free 10 minute phone consultation...

...fill out a questionnaire in your email after scheduling!